Baby Photo Composites

When my nephew Coltenn was first born, we would watch him a lot while his mom was at work. I was getting into photo compositing and decided that I wanted to stick Coltenn into different scenes.

My first attempt was very simple, I just wanted to add Coltenn to a scene. The original picture had him laying on his back, but I composited him into a jungle scene. I admit I went a little too heavy on the lighting in this try, but overall it gave me the confidence to do something bigger.

My second and bigger attempt put Coltenn under the ocean and composited five pictures. Coltenn, the dolphin, the bubble, the trident, and the background. I’ll put the original images below where possible, but I had to do a lot of masking to isolate the subjects and then messed with color to make them one scene.

These are the photos I used for the Coltenn: Prince of the Sea composite. Where possible, I have them linked to where you can find them online.

My sister saw what I did with Coltenn and wanted me to do it with her son Chase. So I created this image of Chase floating. Chase is very rambunctious and doesn’t like to sit still, so although the photo makes no sense with the physics, I decided it was worth it since I got a picture of Chase sitting still at all.