Some clients for photoshoots come to you in unexpected ways. And as usual, this one came in the form of a referral from my wife Makayla.

In one of my wife’s college classes, she overheard her classmate Amber talking about how she needed a photographer to take pictures of her for a website portfolio they were making for a class assignment. Makayla suggested that we set something up, and here’s how it went.

What Amber wanted was photos of her in different outfits overlaid on different color backgrounds. My set up was simple since we are in a rental but we needed a white background so I could cut her out of the pictures easily. My softbox and a white sheet taped to the wall did the trick. Here are some of the pictures that we ended up going with.

After Amber’s photoshoot was done, I was left to do my work in Photoshop and finish the composites. I had a lot of fun and a bit of a (re)learning curve since it has been a while since I have made composites. Here are the finished photos.

I’m grateful to Amber for letting me include this project on my portfolio, and if you want to see more from her, you can find her acting website here.

If you are interested in setting up your own photoshoot, business inquiries can be directed to, and I’d love to set something up!