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Apple Among Oranges Painting

Apple Among Oranges PaintingThis was my first intentional painting using my new oil brushes in Procreate. I also have a personal connection with what I’ve chosen as the subject. This painting is a still-life of an apple and oranges in a bowl. As I was sketching, I...

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Through the Clouds Painting

Through the Clouds PaintingI bought some oil paintbrushes for Procreate, and in the process of testing out some of the brushes I was having too much fun, and I ended up with this painting. I was originally going to try a basic landscape (which explains the splash of...

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Amber Photoshoot

Some clients for photoshoots come to you in unexpected ways. And as usual, this one came in the form of a referral from my wife Makayla.

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Rock Bottom Digital Painting

Have you ever felt like you were at “rock bottom?” This is a digital painting that will bring you hope and peace. This post also includes the process that I took to create this inspirational print.

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Fire Wizard Digital Art

Recently, I finished the book "Howl's Moving Castle" again. I love this book because it is one that my mother introduced me to when I was younger. I like the movie created by Studio Ghibli, but given the options I prefer the book. That being said, something I love the...

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Trent Airlines Fake Ad Poster

Trent Airlines Fake Ad Poster This project was designed to take place over 18 days. My goal was to work on this poster every day. This was the first of this type of matte painting that I did, and working on it every day encouraged me to get better at it.The premise of...

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