Through the Clouds Painting

I bought some oil paintbrushes for Procreate, and in the process of testing out some of the brushes I was having too much fun, and I ended up with this painting.

I was originally going to try a basic landscape (which explains the splash of sideways green in the Timelapse,) but I started falling into a rhythm with making a sky with clouds scene.

Once I made the basic clouds, you can see that I was uncertain what I wanted to have in the clouds. I was going between birds or a plane. I texted my wife asking what I should put in the clouds, and she said, “maybe some birds or a plane.” Haha Great minds think alike I guess.

In my art, I frequently have an inner conflict between organic or mechanical subjects. I want to do animals or people, but I’m better at doing machines and stuff like that. You can see me try some birds, but I settled on the plane.

I was testing out brushes from the new brush pack as I went, and although it was a learning experience, I’m happy with how it turned out!

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