Portal Sticker Set

I was only introduced to the Portal series in the last five years, but I fell in love with its wit and humor and unique gameplay the first time that I played through the games. I’ve played through them repeatedly since then. I decided it would be fun to design a sticker set based on Portal characters, and here are the results.

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Starting simply, I made the Aperture logo. I enjoyed creating a beveled look to the now-iconic design. Usually, the logo is a simple vector, but I thought it would be fun to give it a little more depth. It was nice to have because I used it on a later sticker as well.

I made the portals as a set of their own. To mimic the firey texture inside the unconnected portals I used a picture of lava that I got from Pixabay.com.

Chronologically, this door icon was actually the first of the set to be made (and it might show haha). I was creating an icon set of doors from different series, and this was one of them. It gave me the idea to make the sticker set.

This sticker was an ode to the fan-favorite companion cube. As Portal doesn’t feature more than a few characters, and you are the only human, you develop an attachment to things like the companion cube. Rest in peace my friend.

As I just said, you only interact with robots in the Portal series, and the most common enemy is the military turret. You grow to love them though, especially since when you defeat them they make sure to let you know that they don’t blame you.

GLaDOS is the “villain” of the Portal universe, but she is also the one that makes the games so fun. I love her passive-aggressive attitude and sarcastic demeanor. I’m also very proud of how the gradient that is her eye turned out. This was one of my first times using gradients in a sticker like this, and it took some trial and error to make it look lifelike.

SPOILER ALERT: GLaDOS ends up in a potato at some point. This sticker was fun to make because I relied on gradients on so many of the others, but this sticker ended of looking great as mostly vector. I did steal the eye from the GLaDOS sticker though, I figured it only made sense.

I couldn’t make a Portal sticker set without the portal gun that makes them possible! This was a tough sticker because there isn’t a ton of great reference photos for the gun since it is a first-person game. I actually had to pose myself in front of a portal in-game to get a look at it, but I also relied on cosplay and craft videos of people making their own portal guns to make my sketch. Also, fun fact, this is also one of the only stickers for this set that I sketched.

Wheatley is another fan favorite, and my personal favorite character in the Portal games (because there are so many haha). So naturally, his sticker is my favorite of the batch and I saved it for last. I made the Wheatley sticker later on, so I was able to use what I learned from the other stickers (like robot eye gradients) to make it look great. Also, this sticker especially taught me about subtlety in using gradients. The best gradients are the ones that add without taking over the picture. I think I nailed it with this sticker.