Portal Sticker Set

I enjoy the Portal games, and I thought it would be a fun side-project to create a sticker set that included characters and objects from the games, especially Portal 2. I created these off of reference photos using Adobe Illustrator.

I, of course, need to start with the Aperture Logo. Aperture Science doesn’t play much of a known role until Portal 2, but it is the company that created everything in the games. Most renditions of the logo are flat and simple, but I decided that I wanted to create a beveled look to my version of this now iconic logo.

Throughout the Portal games, you use portals. Big surprise. I created orange and blue versions of the portals. The texture of the inside of the portals looks molten, and so I used an image of lava to be the texture in my stickers.

The portal door was the first sticker of this set, and I made it while I was making a door icon set. I got the idea to make this sticker set after making the portal door in the other set. So you could say it opened the door for this project being created.

During the games, you have to use quite a few cubes to solve the puzzles, but none is so loved as the companion cube, which in the original game you had to cart through an entire level with you before you are forced to leave it behind. The companion cube is one of the symbols of the games, and I couldn’t make a sticker set without it.

You don’t deal with humans in the Portal games, and I made a tribute to the most common enemy that you face, the turret. Turrets shoot at you, but I still feel bad for them when you beat them and they say “I don’t hate you.”

These last four are my favorites from the set, and I am proud how they turned out.

The portal gun, as the essential tool in Portal, was a must to make. Since in-game, the only view of the portal gun is either on a pedestal or in your hands, so I relied heavily on reference photos and Youtube videos of people creating their own for my sketches.

The Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, or GLaDOS, is the primary villain for the Portal games. Her sarcastic and passive-aggressive humor have made her a fan favorite. Her design was very straightforward since I only did her head. Her eye was the first real gradient effect that appeared in the set, but it was essential to help bring life to the sticker and gave me lots of practice making custom gradients in Illustrator.

For a portion of Portal 2, GLaDOS ends up inside of a potato. If you don’t know why, I’m not going to be the one who explains it to you haha. Anyway, I enjoyed creating the intricate pieces of her assembly while keeping the overall sticker simple. It is GLaDOS though, I even took the eye gradient straight from the GLaDOS sticker.

Lastly, my Wheatley sticker took the longest out of the set. This was because I wanted it to be the best. Wheatley is the comedy relief in Portal 2 as well as a companion for a great portion of the game. It was difficult making him looking straight out because most images and concept art has him at an angle, so I had to do a lot of research to understand the layers of his body and get the result I did. That being said, this is my favorite of the stickers and took a lot of creativity to include everything the way that I wanted. I’m very pleased with how he turned out.

None of these stickers are for sale since they were made as a side project to improve my design skills, but I would greatly appreciate if you would share them with your friends all the same.